My overwhelming fear of losing my mother

Since I was very young, probably when I started developing a mind of my own, I have been living with a constantly-growing -both in intensity and frequency- fear. The fear of losing my mother. My mother is my best friend. She is everything to me! Just seeing her cry makes me lose my mind and panic well beyond description. There's no words can describe how much I love my mom. Cause you are the best gift ever in my life. I'm nothing without you mama. Hoping that you'll stay with me forever. Ameen. love you Rozaiah binti Che Zakaria. You got your own flaws but somehow i still love you, non-stop.

mama aku yang paling kuat merepek. 24 jam 7 tauuuuuu hahaha
                                            eh ada aku hahahaha okbye -.-
Your beloved daughter,
Nur Anis Sabreena binti Ahmad Nazri. 

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