it hurts like hell.

This is what i feel........ empty. kosong. saya manusia biasa. mudah rasa sakit. mudah rasa sedih. mudah rasa marah. sedih, marah, sakit bila ditipu. i do believe that all of you will get mad when someone that you loved, with all your heart, lied to you. it hurts like hell.
i wish you knew that i'm fcuking tired with all those lies. i'm hurt enough with that. you had me fooled. you really did!!! i'm having a big regret ever in my life. rasa macam bodoh je kenal orang macam kamu... someone told me 'SENI KEHIDUPAN ADALAH HIDUP BERSAMA LUKA TAPI MASIH TERSENYUM WALAU KAMU SAKIT MACAM MANA SEKALIPUN'. yeah, maybe i should try to live without you. you're just my past and somebody that i used to know. hmm goodbye to you moron xoxo love.

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